Judge Joseph To The Tiger Team Cornerback Spared

posted on 15 Jan 2013 08:35 by lifefeitian
Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph for possession of cannabis has been charged , but he has been allowed to enter the turnaround plan. Boone County District Judge Michael Collins agreed to allow Joseph into the open only to first offenders program . If Joseph successfully complete the project , he is subject to misdemeanor charges will be lifted . Such plans typically include community service or participate in courses on drug abuse . Officer will be responsible for determining a turning Joseph 's plans to implement the results

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. Joseph was arrested nine months to the ninth , is the fourth since the end of the season to accept court rulings Tigers players . A Ming Buen County deputy magistrate on January 22 to intercept the Joseph riding a car with a marijuana odor . According to police reports, Joseph told the deputy magistrate of his Super Bowl backpack in the possession of a bag of marijuana . This will be followed by deputy marshals seized marijuana red bottom shoes. This week , linebacker AJ Nicholson , in a magistrate 's work plan has been sentenced to two months imprisonment , suspended for two years . Prior to his own capital in Tallahassee , Florida, robbery and theft and the implementation of confession is not dark http://www.cheapchristianlouboutinonsalevip.com/. Just last month , is suspended during the linebacker Odell Thurman also confessed to the crime of drunk driving is not dark . Court will be held on June 5 hearing to determine his punishment . This year in January , then the players Chris Henry finished their alleged treatment four court cases . He allowed minors because of his rented hotel room drinking and spent two days in prison Christian Louboutin sale. Moreover, Henry also because of their criminal behavior may be another NFL suspension. .